Why Tree Care Is So Important

For most, tree care is a vital aspect of lawn care. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just maintain a well-kept lawn, the amount of care you put into your trees is everlasting. But, with a project as large as tree care can prove to be, it can sometimes be hard to choose between tackling the project yourself or calling a professional company to have them take care of it for you. How do you know which option is best for you? No worries, we have put together a few of the advantages and disadvantages of each to help ease the decision making process.

Tree Care Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

There are many positive aspects of doing tree care on your own. For starters, doing it yourself saves you money to be spent on other projects. Hiring a professional team to maintain your trees could cost you a pretty penny that you might like to have for other expenditures or forthcoming projects in the future. The DIY route also provides you with an opportunity to experiment a bit and you might even like the challenge that tree care gives you. Lastly, DIY also saves you from having to plan for an entire crew of workers to stomp through your yard and possibly even give you yet another task once they leave.

However, the DIY route isn’t always the easiest and things can get ugly rather quickly if you aren’t prepared. Firstly, tree hazards can be difficult to see if you aren’t 100% familiar with them. Even if you consider yourself to be in great shape, the potential hazards that come with tree care come with a major possibility for a major injury to yourself and/or others. Another aspect that might unforeseen in the DIY process is the potential property damage you could cause. Falling branches are extremely difficult to predict and even if you get the perfect angle, one miscalculation can unexpectedly cause damage to your property and leave you even further behind in your budget than you would have been had you hired a professional.

Don’t Stress, Call A Professional

There’s nothing like hiring a professional and when it comes to landscaping, especially tree care, the engineering expertise that professionals have is often quite priceless. Most tree care companies can handle a wide variety of projects and provide you with some ease of mind about the job being completed. In most cases, any professional you hire can also advise you in regards to the best way to tackle a big project and often bring a sense of “landscape function” with them to ensure your needs are best suited for their expertise. You might even find a tree service that will negotiate lower rates with you if your project ends up being more expansive than you first thought.

But, as is the case whenever a professional gets involved, you could see a hit to your budget. Most tree care services charge anywhere from $150 to $250 per hour for their services which can certainly add up to extensive projects and may not be in line with your home maintenance budget. Professional landscapers also have a way of talking you into completing other tasks around your home that you didn’t quite know you needed to be done and before you know it, you’re left with an extra bill you weren’t even thinking of when the project began.

Mastering The Art of Tree Care

Overall, there can be an argument made for both sides of this conversation. If you think you know your trees well enough and your health is in good enough shape that a hefty DIY project is something you can handle, then by all means, get to climbing! However, keep your safety and the safety of others around you at the top of your priorities. Now, if you think the project you have in mind is a little too big for your taking, there is no shame in that either! Hire a professional to come in and let them do what they do best. After all, there’s nothing quite like a professional’s work and allowing them to take a heavy burden off of your shoulders brings you a newfound sense of relief.