Large landscaping rocks and boulders can seem intimidating, but they’re a great addition to a landscape design plan if used correctly. We have some ideas to get you started thinking about how to design your yard by adding large landscaping rocks.

5 Uses for Large Landscaping Rocks


Large landscaping rocks are visually appealing and functional. Here is how you can add them to your home’s landscaping.

1. Plant Substitutes

If you live in a drier climate where it’s hard to grow vegetation — or if you just have don’t have a green thumb — rocks are an excellent way to create a gorgeous outdoor space! We previously wrote about how smaller rocks and gravel can make beautiful groundcover, but if you need something with more height, large landscaping rocks are perfect.

2. Accents and Focal Points

The eye is naturally drawn to large landscaping rocks, so use them accordingly. A large rock in between the flower beds will help accent the feature you’re most proud of, and a line of rocks at the back of your yard by the fence can make the yard look more expansive by drawing the eye up.

3. In a Rock Garden

Add large landscaping rocks to your rock garden, or create one based around large landscaping rocks. They look good whether you set up a single large rock to go with the smaller stones you already have or make an oversized rock garden with just large rocks.

4. Part of the Pond

Large landscaping rocks can be the biggest fish in a small pond or a large pond. Use flat-topped rocks to create a rock path through the water, or to make an island paradise for imaginary creatures — kids will love to tell stories about the pixies of the pond, and leave them small gifts like brightly colored pebbles!

5. A Natural Deterrent

If you have a front yard that people have driven through before and you’ve had to deal with ruined flowerbeds, torn up bushes, or knocked down small flowering trees, add a few large landscaping rocks around the yard, spaced wide enough to walk through but difficult to maneuver a vehicle through. This is also a good solution for adding some low-key security to your property


  • Make sure you have lots of space! Measure the section of yard you want to put large landscaping rocks on and take those measurements with you when picking out rocks—it can be hard to judge how big the rocks will look in your yard otherwise.
  • Keep pathways in mind. Don’t put rocks directly on pathways and make sure to leave walking space in between the rocks, unless you’re just creating a decorative space.
  • Plan ahead. Large landscaping rocks can weigh hundreds, and sometimes more than a thousand, pounds! That means they’re difficult to haul and difficult to put into position. You can do this yourself, or you can leave the hard part to the professionals while you bask in your friends’ compliments on your beautiful front or backyard design.

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