Watering succulents proves to be one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to caring this cool decorative plant now. Succulents are so versatile, great for both indoor and outdoor decor touches. With their array of shapes, textures, and colors, succulents are themselves inherently artistic.

Although succulents are themselves sturdy plants, they do have a sensitive nature that must be acknowledged and respected. Here are some handy tips regarding how you should water your succulents.

When Addressing Succulent Health in General, These are some Guidelines:

  • Use a pot with a drainage hole
  • Soak the plant, don?t spritz the plant
  • Use a soil designed for succulents and cacti
  • Know which succulents can survive outdoors and which belong indoors

When watering succulents, water enough to soak the soil, and then allow the soil to dry out before the next watering. Succulents aren?t happy sitting in soggy soil for too many days.

Keep in mind that succulents don?t need to be watered as often as you would think. It may take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with your specific succulents? needs, but the rule of thumb is to wait to water until the soil is dry to the touch.

How Often Should You Water Outdoor Succulents?

Outdoor conditions for succulents are variable, depending on the climate of the region in which you reside, sun exposure, and the average humidity levels. For these reasons, the watering suggestions here are just generalizations. You will adapt your watering schedule to your specific climate and conditions. Be sure to consult your landscape design expert for more information about plant, lawn and tree health in your specific region.

Succulents retain water in their hearty leave structures so they actually don?t require a lot of watering. During the summer, you may need to water twice a week, but otherwise once a week will usually suffice. The type of container the succulent is planted in also plays a role in how quickly the soil will dry out. Clay pots, for example, are porous and will allow moisture to evaporate through the clay. Ceramic pots will not breathe, and water is retained longer.

Succulents planted in the ground will not need to be watered quite as often. The soil generally remains cooler than potted soil, and does not dry out as fast.

How Often Should You Water Indoor Succulents?

Indoor succulents will have watering needs based on their location?in front of a sunny window versus an interior location with only indirect sunlight?and whether there are heating or air conditioning vents aimed directly at the plant. Forced air and heat have a drying effect on indoor plants of any kind.

When watering an indoor succulent, soak the soil and then allow it to dry completely out before watering again. An indoor succulent can usually get by with a once-a-week watering unless it is sitting in a sunny window or under a vent, then you would need to water every 3 or 4 days.

Now that you have the basic care information for growing healthy succulents, go ahead and let your imagination run wild with fun decor ideas using these architectural, artsy plants. Group them in threes, mix up the shapes and textures, and get creative with container choices for the most impact. With some love and smart watering, your succulents will thrive!