While every landscaping company is different, for most landscapers, the bulk of their work comes during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Whether they are mowing lawns or planting trees, most landscapers find themselves to consistently be quite busy during three quarters of the year. But what do landscapers do during the winter months to keep their business growing? Well, the good news is the answer, in this case, is not, “Nothing.” In fact, if a landscaper gets creative enough, they can often find that winter is a perfect time to take a break from the “typical” or “routine” landscaping and get into a different type of landscaping depending on their location.

Landscaping During Winter

Now, knowing where to start is a big help, so we thought of a few opportunities that are available to your landscaping business to take advantage of during the colder months of the year.

Snow Removal

First and foremost, landscapers in the northern and midwestern states experience quite a bit of snowfall during winter, so if you fall under this category, it might be time to invest in a snow plow. While the city or township may contract a company to plow certain areas during the winter, they can only do so much in a given amount of time which provides you with a perfect opportunity to step in.

If you don’t have a snow plow or the available resources to invest in one, you can still add “snow removal” to your list of services and shovel driveways or sidewalks of nearby communities. Many people are also willing to pay a premium for quick and competent snow removal because let’s be honest, nobody likes to shovel snow, but at the end of the day it must be done.

Leaf Removal

As summer slowly fades into fall, you are provided with another great opportunity to continue ongoing business during what is typically considered the “off-season.” While some customers will often opt for a one-time, weekend cleanup in the late fall, there are others who will be looking to hire someone to remove the leaves on their lawn, especially homeowners with lots of trees or greenery on their property. Depending on how late into the season trees start to go bare, adding “leaf removal” to your list of services could provide you with nearly one whole month of continued service for clients.

Winter Preparation

Another important aspect of maintaining a successful, year-round landscaping company is preparation, and this is yet another perfect opportunity to ensure that all of your customer’s needs are taken care of before the cold comes barreling in. There are a variety of tasks to choose from that customers would gladly love to hand over to you, tasks such as wood chopping, branch trimming, and lawn seeding/fertilization.

You could even add “equipment maintenance” to the list, and if upgrades need to be made to any equipment that your customer owns, this would be a great time to make changes and ensure that everything is hassle-free for the upcoming months.

While landscapers in warmer climates will not have to worry much about filling time in the off-season, there is plenty of landscaping work to be done during the winter with a little creativity. Be sure to let your customers know all the winter services that your company will be providing this year and get ready to start generating even more business than before.

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